Writing in The 3rd Dimension


My name is Sari Gordon and I’m a writer.

I’ve written for print. I write and create for the web. Sadly, print is decomposing. Your books, newspapers, magazines, telephone books, mailers, coupons, want ads, brochures and annual reports are headed for the mulch pile.

Unless you have a plan.

And a vision. And the tools to bring your material to life. Writing effective web copy can be simple and your past budget doesn’t need to change much.


You have a small business, but big ideas. You know that web marketing can turn your mom-and-pop shop into a global marketplace. Your web content has to be three-dimensional. Your website has to attract Google and Bing, compete with eBay and Amazon and transform clicks into profits. You know that social marketing is a lot like what you do in real life: talk a lot, listen even more and build a reputation on loyalty and trust.

What you don’t have is time to explain. Or the patience to research and fine tune. You know who walks through your door, but do you know what they’re doing online?


I charge by the project or by the hour, whatever floats your boat.

So. Where do you want to go from here?