The Wisconsin Snail Darter will never be extinct!

Okay, just imagine this post with pictures.

1) A-HA! The elusive creature has been spied doing his worst! Once thought to be only a denizen of Minnesota, we can see here that the elusive Snail Darter is just as happy away from his native habitat in Minnesota as he is on Wisconsin roads! Here, we see the Snail Darter (subgenii Retardus Trafficii) in his natural position: having slowly (40 in a 55) driven in front of his victim (me) for the past four miles, he finally moves to the right after noticing a “slow traffic stay to the right” sign.

2) Another shot of Darteri Snailus (Wisconii) … Just past the “merge left” lane. It’s not quite clear here, but the plucky Snail Darter has sped up so that he may continue slowly in front of the vehicle belonging to his prey.

3) He makes his move! He has darted into the oncoming lane in order to pass his second prey of the morning. Although it’s foggy, you can barely make out the toxic flume of disgust the Darter emits on the second vehicle, admonishing it to drive faster or be tailgated and passed in a classic Snail Darter huff!

(E-mail me for pictures and forgiveness for being so lame as to ask for pictures of this stupid post.)

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  • Anonymous

    Yep. We hada that kreecher down hare two. But we fownd ot it wuz gewd eatin. Ya jest bumpit owf the reod and clubber it when it cums out da shell.