He’s so detestable, he’s loveable!

That Darned Bobby Fischer!

Metro Pulse/News of the Weird

Controversial former chess champion Bobby Fischer, who fled to Japan to avoid U.S. visa-violation charges, and who is smarting from a recent Time magazine description of him as something less than a babe magnet, defended his virility to a Mainichi Daily News reporter in October by […]

Rescued cat needs home for Christmas–she’s so cute, too!

See? It’s not always a carnivorous blood feast out here! The print edition has pictures and she’s very sweet and small! They don’t pay too much attention to the gender, but hey, it’s a cat that wasn’t thrown out of a car window like the kids tend to do around here, at least with puppies.


The Chippewa Falls Online Community – Obituaries

The Chippewa Falls Online Community – Obituaries

Viola “Tooty” Revoir!

What a name! It’s almost as if she was saying goodbye her whole life. I hope she enjoyed it.