Crime Fighting Kite

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > What’s Next: An Aerial Crime-Fighting Tool Banks on Portability: “Dr. Yu-Wen Chang, the company’s president, said that he expects to sell his Kite Plane, which has a wingspan of about 4 feet and weighs less than 5 pounds, for $5,000 apiece. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will be the first law enforcement agency to test the plane,
probably in April, Dr. Chang said.”

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  • That is so much more cooler than the huge, phallic Supersize Jumbo Jet they unveiled the other day, and which I could care less about. It reminds me a little bit of these little black mantarays at the Long Beach Aquarium I saw this summer, who would flap their little bat selves alongside the edge of the tank and you could PET THEM!! Can I pet the kite plane?

  • oh, you can “pet the plane.” i love petting rays! i did that in the ocean and but it’s hard to squeal with glee underwater, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Anonymous

    Now we add kites to the list of items one can be paranoid of. Btw, can we get them with Disney characters on them? I would look good in Goofy I do believe.