You know, I don?t think I?ve started a day without a smile on my face in years. I owe it all to gratitude. This morning, for instance, I was suddenly so thankful that I wasn?t a meth addict sitting in someone?s mom?s basement and getting paid in drugs to go through garbage bags full of shredded paper looking for credit card numbers.

Life wasn?t always so easy for me. For years, I wanted to die. I mean, I wasn?t ever as bad as our friend Zippy the Tweaker, but I?ve had my days when I just couldn?t seem to lift my troubles into that golden basket and send them to the sky the way I am today.

It?s for that reason that I am going to try my darndest to start posting regular gratitudes. I hope you will feel free to join in and share one of your own! Heck, maybe two, three, four, five or more!

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