USATODAY.com – Fellow member of punk clique surrenders in scalping case:

A 26-year-old punk chick scalped a 16-year-old punk chick for “disrespecting women.” She cut off the girl’s mohawk, including the skin. Paramedics found the six-by-eight inch piece of scalp, but were unable to reattach it to the victim’s skull, thus reassuring her lifetime membership in her new gang, the No-hawks. The sole member of the gang was quoted from her hospital bed as saying, “I think it’s going to be pretty clear who’s with us and who’s with them.”

Link to video.

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  • oh my living gawd. wtf!? you know I’m dying for them to just come out and say “Dangerous Dykes Cutting Off Pieces of Each Other’s Heads.” There is a very sinister lesbian vibe to this story but no one will just SAY it, man!
    This is so fokakta it’s amazing. The only good thing about it is that it restores my faith in the bad-assedness of the punk movement.
    AAAAAAAAAAARgh. The next time I see a smelly suburban kid with a mohawk I’m gonna say, “Are you prepared to be scalped? Because it cou’ happen, Little Badass.”

  • these punks are in big trouble! they need to settle the hell down.