Tips From The Iron Napper

Today, I am so grateful to share the following tip to my friends: After you wake up from a long nap, don’t watch The House of Sand and Fog.

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1 comment to Tips From The Iron Napper

  • Threatening to off Georgie Porgy is also a quick way to start getting hits from the government.

    I did an experiment and every post I wished the president dead on I got hits from a proxy server with a .mil URL. When I checked the IP address and researched it on the internet I found out that the hits were from a server behind a government firewall that doesn’t allow a person to ping it to find it’s location.

    For weeks EVERY page I have (and there are lots of hidden unlinked ones) got indexed twice a day by the government servers. I keep waiting for my door to get kicked in.

    If I were in a room alone with GW I would try to kill that ignorant anti-intellectual fuck with my bare hands.