This is it.

This is the secret.

This is the best, purest form of bliss I know.

It burns. It stings. It’s… Wahabi! (Or simply, “garlic sauce.”)

In food processor, grind: 2 whole (peeled) heads of garlic 2 T olive oil

Add: 1/4 t salt

With the top still on, slowly drizzle the following into […]


Motorcyclists arrested after 130 mph chase through metro area

“Smith speculated on what the bikers motive.”

Just ignore the absent copyediting–what was the motive for outrunning cops at 130 mph? They ruled out alcohol, apparently and are still snooping around, mystified as to why anyone would race their Yamaha and Suzuki 750s as fast they […]


Okay, this is the best web site in the world, even if you think it’s just in-jokes (it’s not), just relax and enjoy and don’t leave until you got a bellyful. You might have to look closely and not just for the in-jokes, but for the obvious jokes. The spelling (or lack thereof) and terrible […]