It’s a Marlee Melee!

Also, here’s a trick you can play on yourself: put a whole shitload of Marlee’s music on your iPod (no, that’s not the trick, but it’s a damn great idea, especially for long car trips and singing along) and put on a whole crapbag of Cat Stevens. Now press “shuffle.” See if you can guess in the first couple of chords if you can tell who it is. This is a compliment, btw. I love M’s music and am totally stumped about why she’s not a global superstar, seriously. The production, the guitar, the big hearty feeling–I get the same impression when I hear either one of those songs start up and I get all excited, “Oh boy, it’s–” but then it’s not! But I can sing along really super loud anyways! This week is hereby Bitter Blue week. Bitter Blue is forever and ever my most favorite song every in the whole universe thank you amen and no gives, no takes, no backs.

2 comments to It’s a Marlee Melee!

  • I heard Donovan’s “Atlantis” this morning and thought of you.

    I also slipped on ice and landed on my ass while walking a very old poodle. Didn’t think of you then.

    I think I’ll post your comment/question as its own entry on my blog. I’m curious.

  • Are you sure you didn’t slip in a very old poodle?

    How did you know I had a Donovan obsession? I remember buying “Atlantis” from SBS because it was a Peter Max cover on the single or something. Remember the smell of your books when they came from SBS?

    Okay, the Cat Stevens thing may not work EVERY time, but see what happens.