Husker Duh

Do we really want to hear news like this from the mighty mighty Bob Mould?

Boblog: “Saturday, February 26, 2005
Mighty Real
Greetings from the City By The Bay. I am having a wonderful time in San Francisco, so far the weather has been very cooperative. The forecast is for rain this evening, but I hope that won’t keep anyone in SF from attending the show.

I first came to SF in 1981, and spent close to 3 weeks in town on that trip. Maybe longer – I can’t remember for certain. I’ve always been in love with this place, the climate is perfect for me, and this time, I’m noticing tons of scooters everywhere. Hmm.

Went out last night, walked around the gayborhood (should that be capitalized in this case?), and stopped in my favorite Castro bar. Nothing but trouble in that place. Ran into some edumacated music guys there, which is always fun. Today, got in a great workout, some brunch, some used clothes shopping, and a few whistles and woofs from the locals. Blush. The streets of the Castro are lined with (VINTAGE ADULT CONTENT) hot daddies, and their admirers. Clickboo wasn’t kidding about Bearbucks, either!

Off to sound check. More later.”

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