Groupie Pride

Fucking a rock star is only fun if people know about it but the only thing skankier than fucking a rock star is talking about it.

Okay, this is a very simple question. I’ve been thinking about it for a year or so and still can’t come up with a good solution.

Is it necessary to include my brief dalliance with a famous rock star(s)?

How? Should I name him/them?

6 comments to Groupie Pride

  • ::banging dented tin cup against the bars of my cell::::
    “Details, details, we want details!!”

    By all means, girl, spill it! I assume that said dalliance wasn’t, like, LAST WEEK and that no animals would be harmed in the telling of such great dish, so for Mick Jagger’s sake, what the hell are ya waiting fer?

    Can we GUESS?

  • ::running nightstick up and down bars::


    IN THE BOOK I’M WRITING! Not just here, I don’t give a shit about that. I fucked Nick Cave and some lesser punk rock demigods, like Captain Sensible. What I meant to say is, what’s the point of writing about it except to show my scorecard?

    And do I mention NC by name (and talk about the really fun night we had, including walking all over the city until dawn, just talking about books and shit?) Isn’t this the kind of story someone else should tell about me?

  • How relevant is it to the rest of the story? Does it have a function within the story, or is it decoration?

    Write it up, then see how the whole thing reads with and without it.

    And by all means you must tell me who it was.

  • Oooooh.
    Nurse, may I have my meds now please? I just watched a really violent animated short made by a homicidal American Indian teenager and I am VERY AGITATED. Thank you.

    I agree with Marlee. Also I like her dog very much.

  • Marlee’s dog is amazing, it’s true.

    Yeah, this would simply be decoration, but then, that was the reason I did it, right? Oh, we’ll see in the end.


  • My dog is a saint. Saint Buzz.

    Oh, it’s NICK CAVE! Pardon my oblivion.