Smoking Gun

This is fucked up. But that’s just me. Would you rather hear about my revolting attempts to secure health insurance for the medications that keep me from doing the same thing? Sorry, I have a migraine.

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  • By the way, last week I was at a school district board meeting and among the things that the board had to cut from their upcoming budget was the school psychologist. That’s right: the only one. Not one hour of student counseling or resources for student mental health. That would be your No Student Left Behind (unless they aren’t Christian in which case, they’re gonna be Left Behind pretty damn soon, anyways, so who gives a shit?” Oh, and, hello, as long as we’re on the topic of current events being slathered on like makeup over a syphillitic whore, how about that Terri Schiavo? The woman had bulemia! Where was George Bush’s concern for life when Terri’s and millions of other teenagers were (and still are) fighting for their emotionial well-being in a culture demanding feats of inhuman proportions? He’s playing Grand Theft Auto with the country, that’s fucking what.