Motorcyclists arrested after 130 mph chase through metro area

“Smith speculated on what the bikers motive.”

Just ignore the absent copyediting–what was the motive for outrunning cops at 130 mph? They ruled out alcohol, apparently and are still snooping around, mystified as to why anyone would race their Yamaha and Suzuki 750s as fast they possibly could. Perhaps it was a big sale somewhere.

“When the officer attempted to make a traffic stop at I-35W, only one of the bikes, carrying a passenger, pulled over. ‘This motorcycle didn’t even come to a complete stop,’ Herman said. ‘But she (the officer) was able to get up behind it and read the license. The thing popped a wheelie and continued off eastbound.'”

Nyuck. I think that’s funny. Unless the Betty wasn’t ready, of course. But still. We really need to place more faith in Darwin.

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