This is it.

This is the secret.

This is the best, purest form of bliss I know.

It burns. It stings. It’s… Wahabi! (Or simply, “garlic sauce.”)

In food processor, grind:
2 whole (peeled) heads of garlic
2 T olive oil

1/4 t salt

With the top still on, slowly drizzle the following into the processor while using the “chop” setting:
1 c olive oil
1/2 c lemon

Just keep going until it’s like a pourable mayonnaise (or, as the French insist, “aioli.”)

Now. Dip anything you can find in it. Flat bread, vegetables, small rodents, your face. You are also permitted to pour it on anything: tabouli, babaganoush, stuffed grape leaves, Kentucky Fried Chicken, grapes.

Warning: After consumptoin, do not breathe near open flame.

*You might want to use a bit more oil–this ratio is great if you want that Wasabi rush, but not so great if you want to gobble huge great gobs of it at once. Which I would never, do, of course, but perhaps you have a boorish friend.

(Thank you Mrs. Etoll for giving me this recipe a million years ago and for always making a whole separate bowl just for me that I didn’t have to share with anyone else.)

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