It’s a good thing I love God more than he loves me.

Scott’s boss sent Scott home today and told him he didn’t need to return. He didn’t give a reason. Scott is the only person with real income in the house. Scott’s boss had previously been a nice, open, church-going family man with whom Scott got along really well for the past two years. Why, just last month Scott’s boss even mentioned that he’d like to sponsor a race car for Scott this summer.

I love people. Especially the open, loving, Christian people of the Upper Midwest.

But then two good things happened:

The first was in Arkansas and it’s all over the news, but our friend the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker has been resurrected from extinction. This morning MPR interviewed one of the 14 people who had to keep the news a secret for the past year so Woody wouldn’t get hurt or harrassed or trampled or shot or whatever.

I love Woodpeckers. Especially Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers. They are really handsome.

But wait, there’s more!

I got a surprise package from S. in HK. Usually he sends me kickass DVD’s loaded with insanely generous amount of music, but this package wasn’t a disk and besides, he just sent me a disk a week ago.

No. This was a cool little Chinese cardboard box with a lotus flower and some writing, but no clue as to the magic within, except tiny letters that said, “fm3 buddha machine.”

Inside was a cheap plastic FM radio with a plug for headphones and a DC outlet and a little perforated front speaker. Cool. There’s a switch on the side with no markings, just up and down with arrows and a red LED.

I put in the batteries and get ready to move the tuning wheel around, but it’s just the volume. So I listen to what sounds like warbly, faraway classical music and I just figure it’s some weak late night signal from St. Olaf or something. Then I flip the switch on the side. More classical sounding notes. I flip back and it’s the other one and then I realize it’s loops. Just ambient loops that go on endlessly. I think there are 9 (at least the writing on the box looks like there are 9 things listed) and I left it on for a couple of hours and got completely spaced out.

I have like 60 gigs of music on a single external hard drive. I have two computers loaded with music. I have an iPod, a PocketPC, a camera phone, a turntable, a shortwave radio, and a police scanner within three feet of me right now.

I can never find music to write to.

I have found the perfect writing music.

Stupid Americans. Bring me my food stamps.

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  • Oh honey. I’m sorry.

  • What about Woody, though!?!

  • fm3

    sari. my name is christiaan. and you seem to have one of my buddha machines! nice… it took me ages to figure out how you received one from hk… and then i realised who S was… he’s a mutual friend…

    glad you like the machine. if you want more or would like to turn your friends on… you can buy them from my berlin record label…

    they are 15 euros plus some postage…

    just do a search for fm3 or buddha machine on this site and you’ll find it..


    but even if one is enough, glad to know you have found the perfect writing music!


  • oh wow, how cool! i love this machine and i hope you’ve had a lot of success with it. are they really being limited to only 300? can you give me a volume discount if i wanted to resell them for you?