Woman Makes History at Indy 500 Without Checkered Flag – New York Times: “INDIANAPOLIS, May 29 – Danica Patrick, a 23-year-old rookie who does not drive like one, rocketed into the lead with 10 laps left Sunday in the 89th Indianapolis 500, chasing away earlier misfortune and storming toward a first with each left-hand turn.”



Long-standing, irrenconcilable peeves:

1. If you are a waitstaffpersonbot, please DO NOT ASK ME IF I WANT CHANGE WHEN I LEAVE CASH FOR YOU. Just take the money and return the change and don’t gripe about a quick trip to the cash register. You make more money that I do. It’s rude and it makes […]


Okay, I know I’m not a DSMIV OCD or anything, but I can honestly say that I never get more than one cold every two years and I’m a smoker, a toker and a midnight… um, smoker. The trick is to WASH YOUR HANDS. I’m serious. Whenever I come home, I wash my hands. I […]