shop Leslie and the LY’S

I haven’t closed my mouth for the last twenty minutes. Wait until you see her video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

“Leslie incusted shirts designed by Leslie.”

Holy Jesus, there is a God.

the video in quicktime–long loader, but nothing better in a sweater.

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  • Meg

    Sari, that song was an earworm! I was humming “Gem Sweater” throughout the day.

  • this is one of those extremely hip things that makes me feel like the fat girl who got picked last for the kickball team.

  • Do you think it’s just “pick on the fat girls” disguised as hipness that sucks? And if so, why are they doing it? Are they self-loathing or do they have some pimps feeding them clothes, lyrics and Ding Dongs all day? Please tell me for I am enchanted and trust me, I was last chosen simply for being weird. Sort of hard to conform if you don’t know what “weird” is.

  • I stumbled across Leslie and the Ly’s on ifilm.com’s viral video. Leslie is a BBA (Big Beautiful Woman) and while many people might not agree that she is beautiful, Leslie know’s better in her own mind. Sari, you said you got picked last for being weird, and I would think Weird Al prolly could relate. I think these guys are awesome musicians, check out their myspace site at http://www.myspace.com/LESLIEHALL

  • They are so cool! I wish that link worked!