Okay, I know I’m not a DSMIV OCD or anything, but I can honestly say that I never get more than one cold every two years and I’m a smoker, a toker and a midnight… um, smoker. The trick is to WASH YOUR HANDS. I’m serious. Whenever I come home, I wash my hands. I wash my hands after peeing, but I don’t think that makes much difference when you’re at home. It’s the damn cold germs that hang all over the place in public.

So tell me if you think this is weird: At a temp agency yesterday I was told that I could call in sick to a job, but “not just for things like the common cold.”

I asked the little feller if he were serious and if he meant that I should go to work, even when I’m contagious. He didn’t even blink (I think he was one of the older models without the “lifelike” upgrades) and said, “Nope.”

Is this weird or what? And if you think it’s weird, don’t you think the Department of Public Health would think it was weird?

I told him that I was surprised and that I never get colds because I protect myself against germs being spread and he said good, you won’t have to call in sick.

Can I take my nap now?

P.S. a-HA! It says right on the MN Public Health site that “you should stay home when you are sick.

I wonder how I can educate the wee resume wrangler of this fact? If I e-mail it to him, I’ll never get a job. I could anonymously send something to the boss of the company. I could spend a day or two worrying about it.

Okay, that’s settled.

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  • Anonymous

    The hand washing works, but I prefer to hold my breath when in public. Keeps those pesky germs at bay.


  • Go ahead. Make fun of me. But when the world comes to an end, I will be there. With all my books.

  • Anonymous

    Whose making fun? Hell, I cant leave a bathroom that opens in without a papertowel to turn the knob. I keep a bottle of germ x just in case someone wants to shake hands. I dont use handrails for fear that someone picked his or her nose prior using the stairs and will not sleep in a hotel room that I can afford. I hate public phones and all public transportation.

    Other than that, I’m a normal germ free adult. Well, I am almost normal.