Holy guacamole, sports fans, something weird is in the air!

1. Scott just got a good job offer in Seattle today.

2. I’m just finishing up the final chapter of my book right now. Today. Two years (three?) after I started.

Anyone want to buy a super pretty house with 20 acres in the country? […]

Hello Kiri!

The *new* Hara Kiri For Girls!

Finally! A way out for besmirched Japanese girls! No longer the exclusive domain of high-ranking Samurai and noble Japanese royalty, Hara Kiri is now available to naughty Japanese girls everywhere!

Have you done something shameful, Michiko? Mummy will draw you a bath. I think you can manage the rest […]

The Found Footage Festival

The Found Footage Festival

Oh, this is good. Click on the PREVIEW link and make sure you have Quicktime.