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Steven Spielberg is cancelling the world premiere of “War of The Worlds” live at Budokon because of pirating concerns. BitTorrent was the latest target of the backlash at users who posted advance copies of “Sith” online.

Live at Budokon–is there anyone my age that doesn’t know that phrase?

And isn’t that the best quote? Check out the story. The next sentence is hot, too.

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  • One would think that with all his special effects experience, he would simply place several strong Infrared lamps around the screen and show the damn film. The otherwise invisible light would play hell on most video cameras. But seriously, anyone that would pay for a cheap copy is probably not going to spend the bucks to see a movie in the theatre and I doubt SS is having problems paying his water bill.

  • It’s probably just a gimmick; hasn’t SS sort of deflated lately?