SlangSite.com – The Slang Dictionary: “jackrod: Someone whose jackassedness is extremely, unforgivably pronounced.
Example: Our Hero: What do you mean I can’t enter Canada with my cat today?
Border Guard: To secure the safety of our citizens, live animals must be quarantined for a period before entry.
Our Hero: Stupid Canuck, I’m entering, anyway.
Border Guard: Only to the turnaround up ahead. Go any farther and you’ll be arrested, jackrod. “

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  • This reminds me of my other new favorite, “fucktard,” — sort of a nastier version of “jackrod.”
    I hope it makes it into the slang dictionary soon. Do they take requests?

  • I wouldn’t recommend it. The site was pretty shabby and seemed to allow anything in. Besides, don’t you just love spitting out your own swears right in the heat of the moment? Like, “You did NOT just pull into that space right in front me, did you, you fucking bitchwit.” Or, “What are you looking at, asscracker?”

    I did find a 70s slang site that reminded me of one I totally forgot: “laying a gasser.”

    Or maybe that was just popular in our house.

  • Sari, it appears based on past conversation and your comments above that you are prone to fits of road rage or at least driving seems to encourage profanity.

    I never swear at other drivers. I occasionaly shoot one or two but those dickwits deserved whateva they got.

  • If you shoot first, they never learn the lesson. Didn’t you learn anything at Gitmo?

  • The only thing we studied at Gitmo was our shapes. I can make a mean pyramid.