Two updates:

1. Book is almost done. Deadline for final manuscript is the end of July.

2. I haven’t written about this, but it such a weird parallel to the crap I’m writing about. When my biological father died last Fall, he didn’t leave any money to the 5 kids he left behind. One of my half-sisters went after the estate and now the Hungarian courts have come to some conclusion. I’m going through all this paperwork to find my original birth certificate which was sealed away when my stepdad adopted me. I have to prove I was the spawn of Satan so I can shake him down for some final justice, I guess. I don’t know why they just couldn’t wait for the book to come out; I can’t imagine a better verification of my bad DNA. On the other hand, maybe I would have been disqualified.

Seriously? I really don’t give a crap about the money; neither do my siblings. He left no will out of spite. If money comes out of it, what a strange ending to a long, weird life. I wonder how much it was all worth?

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