4 pounds of useless shit

I wonder if a lobotomy would solve the problem of having stupid, incessant info packets in my brain. Like, did you know that Woody Harrelson invented “The Spot,” a round beach towel? It’s so true. And yes, there was a purpose: so you wouldn’t have to GET UP to turn the towel to follow the sun while tanning. And yes, you don’t know about it because it’s a stupid idea hatched from the stoned brain of a complete frybaby.

Okay, maybe not a lobotomy, but ECT?

Which reminds me, can they carve out the part of my brain that HATES it when people write “ect.” instead of “etc.?” How about when they say “excetera?”

Now I’m avoiding real writing.

(But seriously, how much weed do you have to smoke to be THAT STONED?!)

3 comments to 4 pounds of useless shit

  • With the current THC levels in some of the newer buds, not that much.

  • TedDanson'sHairPiece

    The worst thing for me is imagining Senor Harrelson at some L.A. party bragging about his “totally cool” invention. WHAT a contribution Woody, you suckass!

  • I know! Especially since most people are not on the same stonage level. He’s the only one in the room who doesn’t realize he’s talking about an invention that FAILED.

    He called it “the spot” but I think he should have called it “the baking sheet.”