Advertising Department Assistant: Confidential – Yahoo HotJobs

“The person we are seeking must fit the following description of the five ‘B’s’

  • Be a self starter
  • Be motivated to succeed
  • Be willing to travel occasionally
  • Be a team player
  • Be willing to learn”

Ok. It’s not like I’m a big fan of mnemonics or acronyms or something, but shouldn’t this advertising agency pick five actual “b” qualities, like big, bold, bitchy, and beautiful? There is only on B and that’s “B.” So to get a job at corbinwatson, whoever they are, you must be.

And since most of us are, shouldn’t we all have gotten our paychecks by now?

4 comments to Advertising Department Assistant: Confidential – Yahoo HotJobs

  • Ok, I recognize those 5 ‘B’s’ and can translate them:

    self starter= show up and hour early and stay an hour late without O.T.

    Motivated to succeed= willing to kiss ass.

    Travel occasionally= run to the vending machine for the boss.

    Team player= whens its time to layoff workers, step up and take one for the team.

    willing to learn= willing to listen to idiots that know far less than you.

    You probably need to find one that says:

    Flexible hours. Be your own boss. Set your own salary. Unlimited vacations. Applicant must be wiling to take a 2PM nap.

  • Check under government jobs- I think you will find several that fit that description.

  • How about bull, balony. bamboozle, beware and brrrrrrr?

    It is one of the lowlife scams made up by the criminal mind of Alec DeFrawy aka Defrawi aka Defrawi Consulting. May the sick bastard rot in hell, amen.