Holy guacamole, sports fans, something weird is in the air!

1. Scott just got a good job offer in Seattle today.

2. I’m just finishing up the final chapter of my book right now. Today. Two years (three?) after I started.

Anyone want to buy a super pretty house with 20 acres in the country? Wanna rent it?

(The picture is of my happy people friends Amy and Steve. Aren’t they the cutest? They’re all married and happy and sweet and live in some hippy town in Northern California and his band kicks ASS and Amy’s mom is my favorite, too. It’s the only picture I could find that showed big bursty happiness!)

5 comments to HAPPY, HAPPY-HEAD DAY

  • Congrats!!!

    And I can tell you northern folks r reel surphistikated. Down hare, we jest hook up our house to the pickup and take er with us.

    Seriously, that will get you close to your retirement goals. Hell, you could say you were in northern calli already if you moved there.

  • Hannah lynch

    I’ll buy your house. I want to start an alpaca farm. Except that I don’t know anything about alpacas, farming, or living in the country. Oh! And I don’t have any money either. Poo!

  • that’s okay! i don’t have a job in seattle or any money and i really love my property and i don’t know anyone in washington so let’s call it a deal!


    (I remember on a really sunny day in Minnesota you were very mopey because you said the sky was too wide and bright and vast and you were hankering for a nice foggy San Francisco type day. You can have lots of them in Seattle plus I will come visit you and we can go WHALE WATCHING on the San Juan Islands! I really mean it!)

  • God, I’m still that way. I hate those big Bonanza prairie skies. I don’t want to wear gingham or dance with a feller wearing a straw boater.

    So, Scott says Seattle might not work because the move would be so fast and difficult and besides, who the hell would hire someone sight unseen and put them in charge of 10+ techs?

    A dummy, that’s who!

    I’m still cruising Seattle real estate sites, though. Unless you’re a Seattle real estate agent, then I’m not.