Oprah? I’m sorry, can I get back to ya?

By the way, my book is done.

Seriously. I made some final little edits, changed a lot of names and turned the entire thing into my agent (I love saying that!). She’ll make some comments, I’ll make some changes, and then she goes out and peddles it to publishers. I wonder if the publisher that […]


My grandmother died last Monday at 6 in the morning. I was really grateful to be there with her in her apartment, with a circle of women who helped her go. What an experience the entire week was. I also found a bunch of letters from my dumb father that prove what a lunatic […]

PERFECT PEACE…In Portola Valley Ranch (232341)

PERFECT PEACE…In Portola Valley Ranch (232341)

When you read my book, just think of this room. I was just there day before yesterday. I think I made the bed, in fact. The same bed where I used to hide syringes. The same room I used to shoot dope in. Isn’t it just a miserable existence?