To See or Be Scene

Instead of going to First Thursday for the Lookit Me Parade, we’re going to Betty’s tonight.

Who am I talking to? I only have two friends who read this and they live in Boston and Alabama. What is wrong with me?

4 comments to To See or Be Scene

  • Yeah but I count as 5, at least depending on which personality shows up to read. Ok, three of em can’t read but, hey, they love the pretty pictures and nice colors.

  • besides, you can join the club…the only people reading me are peacebang and you but I’m gonna put in some cool meta words like babe, porn, teen, etc… and see if the hits increase.

  • oh my darling darlings. Alabama, Boston and rural Wisconsin never knew such an unholy alliance.

    We’re the blog version of Camus’ “No Exit.” Or was that Sartre?
    Oh well. I’m glad it’s you two in this little hell with me.

    PeaceBang. Boston.

  • Hey peace, i think this was covered in Revelation’s. If it wasn’t can you add it? Would make a great read.