Book Title Possibilities

Here are the choices I’ve racked up so far. Don’t exclude any just because you don’t get it, okay? They’re in no particular order. Any preferences?

While I Was Out
My Mind?s Made Up
Diane?s Nude Rap Sessions
Something Came Over Me
I?m Okay, You?re A Douchebag
To Err is Human, To Avenge, Divine
Don?t Shoot Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes
Never Put Anything in Your Butt
Go Ask Sari
A Smiling Puli
Title Schmidle, My Book By Sari Gordon – 15 Weeks on The New York Times Bestseller List (thanks to Mike for that one)

7 comments to Book Title Possibilities

  • In all honesty, my 2 favorites are:

    Something Came Over Me (but please tell me there isn’t an inside sick joke that I’m not getting about that one!)
    To Err is Human, To Avenge, Divine

    Revenge would be good if you could have the Patti Smith song “Revenge” start playing every time you open the book.

  • LOL…God, I will respond when i stop laughing.

    No, thats not a title suggestion…duh

  • Anonymous

    how about: Larry Potter?

  • Yes, Larry Potter is perfect. I can see it. And I can see the piles and piles of returns.

    I’m sorry, but yeah, Something Came is actually a naughty title I stole from Throbbing Gristle, so that’s out.

    And what are you laughin’ at, D?

  • What are you doing up at 5:00 a.m.?! Thinking up these whacky titles? You dirty, dirty little gurl…Alright then, Go Ask Sari was really my fave.

  • I just blasted Paul Newman lemonade out my nose, you snark queen, you.

    “Go Ask Sari” just totally brought me back to hours spent chewing my nails, hunched down reading that dreadful little faux diary about that teen drug ho flower child.

    GOOD times!

    If you could work “sock monkeys” into the title I would definitely buy two copies. At least.