Song of My Week

I have to copy gnitter and taunt the law. I’m willing to spend time in the pokey to post a link to my just about favorite (I know, I’ll add it to my list some other time) music of ever all time right here!

Yay, it’s R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders from their second album and every single song is so great, but Persian Rug will make you smile like a stoop!

4 comments to Song of My Week

  • No you didn’t. You are in serious trouble. Do the still air America’s Most Wanted? If so, I guess we can look to see you there soon.

    Oh, can you outrun the man on that bike or yours? I think a high speed chase involving a chick talking on the cell phone and smoking a cig would be great. Just don’t spill the coffee in the curves.

  • I’m smiling like a stoop. I love the quavery theremin. Brazilliant!

    P.S. What’s a “stoop?”

  • a stoop is what you become when dogs and cats emit stupons at you. duh.

    and can you believe it’s not a theremin! it’s a saw!! that’s the party that makes me squealy and stoopish!

  • Viva la song of the week revolution! I like to fly around on zee persian rug!