I need to start a FAQ for my blog, don’t you think? I am constantly peppered with questions and I can barely concentrate on my nap countdown with all the intrustions. So. Here’s the latest question from Albert Fisheyes in Fenbacher, RI:

Q: Sari, what are you doing now that your book is done?

A: I’m taking down some big names around the Pierce County area in a series of articles for the Herald. I can’t say much now, but let me tell you the Prescott Cartel should probably shop for some souvenirs now because these carpetbaggers are getting shipped back to where they came from, toot sweet. The first one is a profile of Garage Storage Solutions. I haven’t even started to dig, all I have to go on is their motto, “The solution to creating storage that fits your space and your needs.? Can you spell “subpena?” Seriously, can you? I can NOT figure it out. But anyhoosgow, that’s what I’m doing Al, thanks for asking.

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