Daily Report

Last night?s nightmare: Sex with one of the few guys from my past I haven?t actually had sex with.
Today?s craving: Something lemony.
Today?s peeve: Lendingtree.com
Today?s fear: The helicopter that just flew over my house.
Today?s thing stuck in my head loop: ?I?m so sorry, Uncle Albert?
Reason for not killing myself: Appointment with the vet for Spike (and promise of something lemony.)
Reason to turn the volume up on the TV to drown out the sound of my sizzling brain cells: ?The Comeback? on HBO. It?s entirely possible that I might have to break up with Portia deRossi and pursue Lisa Kudrow. I couldn?t leave the bedroom this morning because I started watching ?The Opposite of Sex? again and couldn?t stop until it was over. Fuck ?Friends? and ?Romy and Michelle? and the fact that she used to be Conan’s girlfriend (which really isn’t too bad because I can imagine them being total drama nerds hiding in the lighting booth and making fun of all the drama stars) ? Kudrow has accepted some great parts and played them perfectly.

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