My beautiful new Ducati

This whole motorcycle thing is out of control. The yellow Duc is gone–the person who wanted to trade for my two Guzzi’s changed his mind. That’s okay, because I now have the two Guzzi’s and last night went out and got a newer Ducati, same model, fewer miles and not yellow.

We drove it home last night. Two hour drive listening to the stock pipes was murder. Once those get drilled out or replaced, I will be perfectly happy and have no reason to ever write again.

Plus and also, I spent the day with my friends Hannah and Chris and even though it’s been like 10 years since we’ve seen each other, it’s like we just took a quick break and we’re just finishing the conversation. I like them. Go to the gnitter blog to see. Chris plays accordian andis going to start a cable show about avante garde art. Hannah takes pictures of surgeries and weddings (I’m not sure what the difference is, but she insists it exists.)

3 comments to My beautiful new Ducati

  • Dang girl, that looks like it will fly. How fast have you taken her?

    I think that is exactly what I need. Four wheels is too slow.

  • I’m a-feered of that thang! Now I’m gonna have to go and knit you a chainmail body suit and head cover—and it will be soooo heavy you won’t be able to go over 35mph! Haw! It was extra swell to see you, too, miserlou, and just to clarify: the surgeries come AFTER the wedding…

  • So you follow the happy couple to Bimini for their honeymoon surgery? What a cool job you have. I liked it when you e-mailed to tell me that you were taking pictures of a brain in surgery.

    I haven’t taken this bike to more than 90 yet, but the last one I got to 120. Unfortunately, this one has been sitting undriven since it’s last tune-up in April, so the carbs are all fouled and the idle all messed up so I’m the one sitting at the red light with my engine racing at 5,000 RPM for no reason at all. Believe it or not, my sweetheart is actually looking forward to rebuilding my carbs. I’d like to rebuild his carbs, too, but that’s another story.

    The best part about that new Ducati is that it’s the only time they ever built a silver model and it’s a numbered edition; 297 out of 300 total. So if you see a silver Ducati, it’s probably related to mine.–>