That damned Tiffany blue line!

If anyone knows how to get rid of that stupid blue line in my blog, please tell me! I’ve tried everything and I can’t find it!

7 comments to That damned Tiffany blue line!

  • I just move my eyes real fast and it blurs.

    Or you can put tape on the monitor.

  • Ok, on a serious note, try matching the color of the line to one of the various color charts available online. The search the page code for that color..that should lead you to the line of code your wanting to remove.

  • ps…it looks like its somewhere between 00CCFF and maybe 33CCFF

  • That is a really good idea. Damn you’re a fast learner. I’m not sure if blogger uses hex codes though, do they?

  • I used them to do my last blog on here and looking at your source code a see some hex color codes. CFA200 to name one.

  • Here’s the weird part: the code looks right in the view source version, but in the template itself, the codes are abbreviated or something, so they’re like “#CF0” – Even then, I still can’t isolate what that damn bar is! It’s not an image… it’s not a setting like “display header divider” and there’s nothing in the code that refers to a light blue–?!

  • damn..i give up…black electrical tape…fixes everything.