God Does Micromanage and He Doesn’t Want Me to Exercise.

Yes, I actually decided to go for a w-a-l-k day before yesterday. Even after I nearly crippled myself walking from the Sahara ™ to Paris ™ in Las Vegas last weekend in flip-flops that made fart noises every single step of the way.

I put […]


Okay, we did it! Scott ate my head in Vegas!

How about that bouquet, huh? Scott surprised me by upgrading from the “use of a bouquet” to the actual “purchase of a bouquet.” I hope the maids at the MGM Grand didn’t mind all that Baby’s Breath. That thing looks like a parade float!

And […]


What was Charles Manson reallylike?

The way to get minor celebrities’ (like Charles Bukowski or Russ Meyer) autographs in the old days was to send them a check for a couple of bucks and then look on the back of the cancelled check. Hell, I once called the number on a Russ Meyer video label […]