All right awready, we’re gettin’ hitched!

We got the tickets, we got the room and now all we have to do pick the chapel, so cast your votes. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find the one with the live webcam!

And yes, we’re very sorry that we couldn’t continue our boycott for our gay and lesbean friends. There are just some things we can’t control, but we’ll continue our wishes and vote accordingly.

Ten minutes later..

Okay, I might have to end the voting now. Of course, I’ll check with Scott but I’m thinking we should just stick with the classics:


Enjoy our Drive-Thru Window
With a Video of your Unique Wedding Ceremony.
A Jazzy Sports Car or 1950’s Vintage Car.
We have many exciting ways
We can suggest doing your ceremony; Elvis can come and “Rock” Your Wedding Ceremony.

Also Includes:
Digital Photographs on a disk
Fresh or Silk Rose
Video of Your Ceremony
Brides Garter
Gift Bags

Minister Donation $50.00

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