Okay, we did it! Scott ate my head in Vegas!

How about that bouquet, huh? Scott surprised me by upgrading from the “use of a bouquet” to the actual “purchase of a bouquet.” I hope the maids at the MGM Grand didn’t mind all that Baby’s Breath. That thing looks like a parade float!

And I hope god isn’t mad at me for adding “will you take your sunglasses off?” to our vows.

My favorite part–and the part that ruined all the pictures by making me laugh through the entire ceremony–was when we came back down the steps from getting our license at the courthouse. Our white stretch limo (that’s right, baby, nothing but the longest and the best!) driver was waiting at the curb but another chapel pimp still ran up to give us his brochure. Before he could get two words out our driver barket at him, “Back off man, this couple’s mine.”

Yeah. That’s what the whole expensive, terrifying trip to Vegas was all about: The sanctity of our new commitment to family values.

“Back off. That husband is mine.”

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  • Corn-grat-u-lations you crazy kids! Thanks for posting this picture and sharing your story, sniff, I feel like I was there! We’re very happy for you!


    where’s the damn cake?

  • Oh my God!! My smooth shiny haid got married!! Mazel Tov! I love that you posted on Charles Manson right before posting on your wedding!

    ::sniff, sniff::

  • you had your cake, mister. and you ate it–

    oh, wait.

    my wedding ring is starting to tighten and get hot. shit. i can’t talk to you anymore, stable boy.

    peace, i love you, honey. and i’m sorry i chose the drive-through chapel (and the authority of the mission church of japan) to do our vows, but the guy was happy with 50 bucks.

  • gafre

    Congrats on your recent nuptuals. Even though I recently saw you in person I didn’t have a chance then to pass on my well-wishes. Hope all is good. Peace to you.