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I subscribe to a local auction service mailing list. The auction company is huge?the biggest around and every auction draws huge crowds so the list must be at least 500 people. Day before yesterday I got the usual email announcement for an upcoming auction. A few minutes later, I received another email from the same sender. A few minutes later, my friend Paul suggested, ?MOM? was in the intensive care unit.

Did you hear the news this past week about T***** D******? he was killed Thursday in Iraq.  They said it was a road side bombing but don?t know if the truth will ever be out as he worked as an undercover agent.  We went to see his folks on Sunday with P****.  He was a good friend of P****?s in high school but they haven?t had contact since then as T***** has never been to a class reunion P**** said.  Never know what each day will bring.  T***** has a wife & 2 kids in N Carolina ? 2 boys; one is turning 4 & the other is 3 months.  Wonder if he ever saw the little one.  Then of course he has a girl here in Ellsworth ? she will be in 2nd grade this year.

Missy said that L**** L******* has never told her daughter that T***** is her biological dad.  Now they are afraid of how she will hear it.  They wanted to wait until she was older & could understand better.  She attends Xx Xxxxxxx.

Not much else for news.  How is everything there?

Love MOM

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