As you may or may not know or not, now that I’ve hooked me a husband, I’m trying to drag him back to the land of my own people in California. To do so, I have many obstacles, including high prices and insane real estate agents.

For instance, I would like to live here:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We only need about $459,000 so feel free to help out.
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Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, the insane real estate agent. This is verbatim (I’m disguising stuff so they won’t show up in search engines):


John XXXXX our Marketing MANAGER requested that I contact you today.
I am very frank and candid. The listing you wondered about is not one of this area best. Not worth a flight out here.

The picture doesn’t show that it is on Stilts.

I have only 1 other picture that I will send in a few minutes.

The price range you are looking at is what I call balcony seats.

Is there any way you could consider raising that budget? So I can show you stuff worth a flight out here.

try going to my [WEBSITE] a doing a search with a wider price range. Please Pretty Please with cake on top.

Happy trails . . .Until we meet again,

Pxxxx Lxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx REALTORS

the “REAL Performer” in real estate

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