Okay, now I’m trying to be a little more reasonable. If we move to Sacramento, we can get a 2 bd/2 bath place for $199k. From the looks of the preparations made for the sale, I’m thinking that the owners are kind of, say, stoned. Probably a safe bet we could offer them about $7.00 for the place. $10 if they take all their shit with them.

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  • I’m just a little concerned because Sharon Kulbacki looks like she might be ready to fall out the window in that picture of hers. Be CAREFUL, Sharon! You’re very sideways!

  • Also, that was a joke, right? Especially the room with the plastic bags hanging off the cabinet knobs. I am feeling very upset for Sharon right now.

  • First of all, I think we need to remember our Brady lesson here. Something tells me that if I go to see that house I’ll encounter a bunch of “ghosts” in old sheets.

    Secondly, I think Sharon has been very depressed and her head has been hanging off the couch. To top it off, she’s been watching Vincent D’Onofrio on Law & Order Criminal Intent and she’s adopted his “broken neck” interrogation style.

  • Please don’t go to that house. Please. I’m scared now of the sideways head lady and the ghosts. Carol Anne! Run away from the light!

    (I want to tell you that my verification word for posting this comment is “yepryxax,” which I think is a new anti-anxiety med, no?)