What is wrong with me? Why am I eternally drawn to the dark and forbidding?

First of all, I don’t often come across links that reference both “Orthodox Jewish” and “Minnesota.” But to further distinguish that tiny subset by “Star Trek”? That could only mean one thing: yarmakooks!

I hope Rabbi Yonassan Gershom answers my email.

I for sure mentioned that I got Leonard Nimoy’s autograph at a big Israel celebration fair thingy in California when I was like ten or eleven. That should have him weak and incapable of defending himself against my request for an interview. That would be really fun. Until I ask if he wants to meet on a Friday night or something.

Dammit. Now all the obvious jokes are just balling me up. Not to mention that I’m the most exhaustive of dilettantes, so anything I ask will probably just make him stare at me in Spock-like disbelief.

p.s. After some reflective thought (aka sleep):

Question #1: How will cartoonists deal with pointy ears and horns?

p.s. After a full day of no thought, it suddenly occurred to me that I wrote a long pleading request to interview the rebbe and sent it on Friday night, around midnight. Well past sundown. Better yet, I didn’t realize it until about noon today. Maybe I’ll try again with a fake name.

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  • oh man. My skanky, STD-riddled ex-boyfriend is a friend of Leonard Nimoy’s, who hails from BOSTON.
    Too bad I don’t speak to old whatshisname any more. But feel free to work the Boston angle somehow. That thing about the Vulcan gesture is very cool, very sermon-worthy.

  • Look, I couldn’t even figure out that Sabbath still means no e-mail on Fri/Sat, so I’m flattered to think you believe I could lasso Boston into this deal… Go ahead and throw out some clues!–>