My friend Mary gave me the big news:

Wednesday January 11
Leslie and The Ly’s
The Entry
8:00 pm 21+

I will really, really, promise to leave the house for this, I really think I can do it and I think you should, too!

Cinch up your stirrup pants, we’re gonna party Tab-style!

Oh, and that picture? It’s that Aerosmith guy playing some private Bat Mitzvah party in New York which cost $10m.


Peacebang, you should come to town for this one!

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  • megc

    OK, hi, I can’t get the chorus to “Gem Sweater” out of my head!!! Sari, will you wear a gem sweater to the concert?? I would TOTALLY go with you if I could.
    -Meg in NY!

  • Not only would I get out a GEM SWEATER, I would wear black velvet knickers and metallic Peter Pan boots. But I’m leaving for Spain on Jan. 17th or else I would so fly immediately to the frozen tundra of Minnesota to attend a $6 concert with you. Can you come up with something equally fun for, say, early July?