King Carr Overlooks Times Square

On the front page of this morning’s electronic edition of The New York Times I see:

The ex-boyfriend who convinced me to write for a living in his new gig as “The Carpetbagger” in addition to his usual media beat byline.

And over on the right, there’s some invasive Flash procedure for journalist Anderson Cooper with a plush photo featuring AC hunched over his notebook (and I don’t mean laptop, I mean pencil and paper), trenchcoat and limp mic cords rumpled at his feet.

And then back to David Carr, the truly amazing journalist (and crappy boyfriend) doing his peculiar browbeaten strutting around Times Square (just as shiny clean and rehabbed as the man himself), representin’ for the Times and referring to the lovely pin on a woman’s coat as a “brewch.” And no mention of Minnesota in his official bio, either.

I’m so proud.

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  • oh my god, for a minute I thought you dated the guy who reviewed “The Lion, The Witch And the Wardrobe,” and I thought NAW, it can’t be!! It just cain’t be!

    Couldn’t find the link of Carr.