“septic pumped 2005”

Ahhh, to be a real estate agent in Eugene, Oregon. With all the people fleeing the nosebleed mortgages in the bay area, she can just pick them off like flies. How about a mobile home for $109,000?! We’ll take it! It’s ours?! Just like that?! Can I buy a 6-pack? And you’re saying we can use the bathroom for like, I don’t know, what *is* a septic tank, anyways?

Sign me up, Betty Mary or Whatever Duncan!

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  • Okay, I have an idea. Let’s pick a spot way up in Montana and live off the fat o’ the land. We can be the Wilderness Family, and Scott can be Grizzly Adams.

    Or if you want to start robbing banks as a form of social protest against high housing costs, I could be persuaded to join with you.

  • Oh great, thanks for telling everyone! You stymied our own plans!