News alert: The perpetrator in this story will soon be visited by the super secret Ninja Dog Squad. He will likely be housed in a crude cage and fed nothing (no need to kill wildlife for “roadkill”) and then he will be thrown in front of a truck and left for dead where he will be fed to happy packs of labs and Jack Russells. Of course, that’s just my knee-jerk reaction. If you have better suggestions of torture and eventual death for this fella, well, post ’em.

156 dogs rescued from abandoned farmhouse

(Different version on the Humane Society web site.)

PORTER, Minn. (AP) – Officials rescued 156 dogs when they searched around an abandoned farmhouse in southwestern Minnesota on Thursday.

The dogs were put in kennels and taken to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, where they will be fed, inspected and quarantined for 10 days while animal neglect or cruelty charges are considered, said Keith Streff, the society’s director of investigations.

“This isn’t the worst case I’ve ever seen as far as neglect, but it’s right up there as far as numbers,” Streff told the Independent of Marshall.

Streff said the owner fed the dogs road-killed animals such raccoons instead of proper dog food.

“Based on what we see here, charges will definitely be filed,” he said.

When officials entered the farm just south of Porter, they found a maze of crude cages containing primarily Jack Russell terriers and yellow Labradors.

“The owner of the property is a supplier, a wholesaler of dogs, and this is what is sometimes called a puppy mill,” Streff said. “This individual has a prior history of animal cruelty and neglect. He hasn’t shown a willingness to improve the situation, so we are going to improve the dogs’ situation for him.”

The property owner was present during the seizure and cooperated with officials, Lincoln County Sheriff Jack Visecky said.

“We typically get a variety of animal calls,” Visecky said. “Usually, it’s something like stray cattle. … I’ve never seen anything like this.”

As officers and firefighters loaded kennels onto livestock trailers, a faint meow could be heard.

“We’ve got one cat,” Streff said. “He’s one of the lucky ones.”

Just in case you weren’t sure, this is how many dogs were found:

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  • okay, now stop posting this story over and over again. Just get out your face mask and toenail clippers, ’cause we have a visit to make to a certain puppy mill owner. And guess where we’re going to apply those clippers?

  • Anonymous

    there’s been over 100 complaints against Doug Merritt and it took that long for the retarded sheriff to look into the situation????? Who’s dumber, the sheriff or Merritt?

  • I know! I’d guess it’s small town politics. I think that’s why my local Humane Society is closing. They see animals differently out here. Remember “Roger and Me” — “Rabbits, Pet or Meat?” But the community actually tried to get this guy busted… I’ll bet you more than anything they didn’t want to deal with all the work.