Okay, that’s enough sadness.

This place is so beautiful. It’s right across the river in Stillwater and they have a great mission and great support. I can get lost for hours reading about the dogs that live there. They don’t do adoptions. They house disabled, unadoptable, abused animals for life. The animals (cats, too) are rehabilitated, some are used in community programs, people can sponsor and visit them and they live in–god, this kills me–townhouses!

The guy in the picture is Newman, a long-haired Doberman. If you go to the site and look for him, you’ll see the funniest picture of him; he’s beautiful! I think I want to live there.

Okay, one more thing: you can donate to their Angel Care program and they will automatically take care of your pets when you die or became disabled. It’s ingenious. You have to be under 80, but wouldn’t that be a cool program to have available just for any older person who has to go to a nursing home?

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