So… how’s that book coming along?

Well, take a look for yourself!

4 comments to So… how’s that book coming along?

  • Theo

    Ooh, nice keyboard! (Says the easily distractable hardware geek.)

  • Why thank you! (Says the easily ashamed purchaser of a non-Squidgrid computer.)

  • xmas jew

    it don’t look like no keyboard i never seen before. merry xmas. i want a new dog. the trendy kind, if anyone knows where i could find one in the mpls, mn area.

  • That’s because you probably have one of those jelly bean computers.

    And you should just head right on over to the humane society and just cut in line in front of all the girls with their Cherokee-brand Paris Hilton dog carriers. I’ll go with you if you need help!