Larry does have teeth!

Did anyone else witness the incredible bolt of Jewish lightning Larry King cast down upon the sniveling little liar, James Frey?

[from the transcript]

FREY: I don’t think — I think you could probably find people who would dispute every memoir that was ever published. And a lot of them have been disputed. When Jerzy Kosinski’s “Painted Bird” came out and became a big success several years afterwards, people said, “You know what? Jerzy Kosinski never went through the Holocaust.” It’s happened with a number of recent memoirs. It tends to happen with a lot of the more high-profile memoirs.

KING: And Jerzy killed himself.

S-nark!! That kicked ass. I would have smacked him in the face when he compared himself to Hemingway, Kerouac and Bukowski, but that’s just me.

What a tool.

I shouldn’t have spent 3 years on my memoir. I could have written it in 6 months if I just stole all the ideas from people I met in treatment. Frey kept saying, “How could I have written this stuff unless I went through it?”

Um…. By using your imagination and skills, like real writers do?

And your mother? She needs help.

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