NYT: Treatment Counselors Dispute Frey’s Accounts

From The Publishers Marketplace: The NYT is sticking hard on the James Frey beat, now presenting several former addition counselors at the Hazelden Foundation saying that there is no essential truth to James Frey’s depiction of many of his experiences in rehab. One, Debra Jay, tells the paper, “His description of treatment at Hazelden is almost entirely false.” A frequent Oprah guest herself, Jay says she shared her doubts with a Winfrey Show producer at length. She adds, “I’m coming forward because his descriptions of treatment are so damaging. These are things that could not happen to anybody at Hazelden or at any reputable licensed treatment center.”

Another longtime Hazelden employee, Carol Colleran, asserts that “98 percent of that book is false” in the way it describes treatment procedures at Hazelden.

Let Him Frey

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