Okay, you can tell me now

I can find just about anything on the internet. Just ask me. I do it all day long. Think of something, go look for it, find it, take a nap.

Here’s the one thing I can’t find: terrorist web sites. Reporters can find them. Newspapers refer to them. Why can’t I?

I don’t even want to see head removal videos. Those are a dime a dozen. In fact, I’ve got a bit of a beef about all the free corpse and autopsy stuff you can find on the internet. I spent years collecting books just to see this stuff and now the thrill is easier to find than my bank account password.

And I don’t mean American terrorism, or Israeli terrorism, either. I want to see Al Qaeda terrorism. I want to see where Osama/Usama fans go to see read the blogs, download the .mpgs, check the upcoming calendar.

I don’t have a prize yet, but if you want one, suggest that, too.

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