The essential memoir-writing toolkit.

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Dec2005-2006Jan 037

The S&W .357: one way to keep that narrative in perspective. Maybe James Frey should have kept one around as a reminder to stay honest. What I like about this Christmas gift is what a hypocritical liberal it makes me. Thanks for the great present, sweetheart!

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  • Okay, you are NOT allowed to bring that to the baby shower, no matter how much it would liven up the stupid diaper games…

  • A short-barreled .357 is going to be loud and a bit kicky (ahem, no “N” in that word). Do get some good safe training & practice in, OK? And use eye & ear protection.

  • Oh Theo, Theo, Theo. I’ve been shooting guns for over ten years, you silly beasty! I just put myself on a ban a few years ago during a particularly, um, glum period in my life. That little phase has been over for a long time and now we have–should i reveal this?–ten guns just lying around the, loaded, cocked, visible, and easy to steal. None of the day care parents seem to mind. Nope, I fired off about 50 rounds on Sunday from that gun and it’s a nice one! You guys should come out and shoot with us at the range in Hudson sometime! Also, Scott was an Army Ranger who specialized in marksmanship, so I’m in good hands. Heh.


  • …uhm. OK. Did not know.
    Carry on, then…

  • Well… I did know that part about Scott having been a Ranger, at least; in Alaska, right?